Hi! I’m glad you found me.

I am a pianist, composer and music producer and have been making music for almost 40 years. For as long as I can remember, everything in my life has to do with music.

For me music is an expression of the beauty of everything that is.
I try to let the part that I can feel of it flow in my compositions or my playing and to describe it.

If I can do that, it will be very fulfilling for me. It is then also a real pleasure to share that with you, to connect with you through my music, maybe to inspire you or to support you with everyday things.

I am very grateful for any feedback that tells me that we made it.

And so I am happy to share this moment with you.

The Light From The Other Side.

In these times we are constantly confronted with uncertainty and also with dying and the fear of it.


I have dealt with dying and being born in general and gathered a lot of knowledge for myself.

One is that, when we are born, our soul goes through the veil of oblivion in order to gain experience and develop it further without bias.

Sometimes we get a sense of this veil when we experience deja vu or premonitions and catch a glimpse of the light on the other side of the curtain.


My fourth single “The Light From The Other Side” describes my feeling of recognizing the veil and the resulting awareness of reincarnation.


My third single “Stille” (silence) is the most personal track I’ve released so far.

For me, silence is the space that opens up when a noise or a tone fades away. A width that takes me.

The first 2:15 of the track give an idea of the space. From 3:55 onwards I describe the beauty of the silence.
Silence is letting go. How difficult and deep that is, I’ll tell from 4:18.

Silence is presence and being.

It is broken through again and again by thoughts, by external influences. But in the end there is always silence behind it and afterwards.

That is what I express with this track and what I experience myself.

Can you feel the space

Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück.

My second single “Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück”.

How do I get the title? It’s about learning. I learn all my life. Like roller skating: I go a few meters, then I fall, then I get up again, keep going, see what I can improve … I just try, then I fall, correct, try, fall, correct, and so on.

But when I look at the road, I realize that I have made progress.

Every fall is an opportunity to do better next time. That’s how I get on. Falling may be a step back, but by standing up and trying again, I keep moving forward.

That’s what I want to express in my song “Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück”. For me, falling is the motivation to keep going, not to give up, even if it is sometimes difficult.

Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück – video


My single Vergeben (forgiveness) is the first track in a piano series that I’ve been working on for some time.

Why is my first piece called “ Vergeben ”?

We all experience disappointments along the way, be it from the behavior of others or from our own. This burdens us and it is not easy for us to let go of our thoughts, and it robs us of the ease of life.

And that’s exactly what I need to take this step.

Up to this point, when I am about to release my first single, I have made and experienced many mistakes.

That is why it is important for me to forgive myself for all my mistakes that have been, but also those that will certainly come.

Forgiveness is a conscious decision to make to myself in order to be able to do what I enjoy with ease.

That’s why my piece is about this path: Forgive!

Friedemann Jörns accompanies me on the viola in this song.

Vergeben – video

A piano musical journey.

At my concerts I will take you on a journey that I myself started 5 years ago. For 5 years I have been dealing with the following questions: What exactly do I really want? Where do i want to go How do I do it?

So I went looking for answers. I also got some that did not primarily bring me closer to my professional goal, but more and more to myself and my depths.

I invite you to my concerts to make your own piano musical journey and explore your own depths.

I share with you …

… my thoughts and answers that I encountered myself on my journey and that have helped me a lot. Maybe they are inspiration for you too. I’ll ask you a few questions to think about while I play the piano pieces.

A lot of piano songs were created on my journey that express my experiences and feelings that I had during the trip and have become wonderful companions and emotional carriers of the impressions.

And with these pieces I would like to bring you closer to your answers and send you on your own journey.

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