About me.

The real magic of music lies in its end.

This is how I perceive the space that is created before the next note sounds. It is the magic of transience, but also the tension on the new to be expected.

Then I am in the here and now, in the moment, between the past and the future. In the presence ..

We had a piano at home.

Sometimes my mother played on it. I loved the sound and how the notes filled the room when she played … I wanted to be able to do that too. So, at my request, I got piano lessons at the age of 8.

I wasn’t the hardest-working student, but classes weren’t difficult for me either. When I was 13 I played in my first band. They were all 2-3 years older than me. My first concert with the band was a disaster. There were a lot of friends there, I wasn’t at all excited and saw the performance a bit relaxed. But I had a lot of fun with it … but when we all listened to the live recording together, my looseness was revealed as an “imprecise strumming” … then the band gave me “probation” and was allowed to continue playing, on the condition that I was myself to focus and practice more.

There were 2 good lessons for me: first, always keep the focus and second, how important the role of each individual is in a group. If someone plays badly, it affects the sound of the whole band. The band knew that too, hence the “probation” requirement. Since then I’ve always been excited before performances, a healthy basic nervousness that helps me focus and be more in the moment.


When I was 17 I decided to study music…. Here I got to know a lot of musicians and soon played in many bands. We also made studio recordings, and I discovered working as a producer for myself. When I recorded my first album with a band, I quickly sat in the studio with the producer and was busy producing. I found the many creative possibilities, which also became possible through the increased use of computers, great and opened up new worlds of sound for myself. It wasn’t long before I got my first small jobs for commissioned compositions, which I did alongside my studies and concerts.


I then worked in the studio for over 15 years and tried everything. I produced bands of various genres, wrote songs with them and composed tracks for a wide variety of advertising.

Since then I have loved working on both sides of the studio window. On the one hand, working with other artists to help them achieve their best performance with empathy and instinct. To bring projects forward with my creativity and love for music, to support your visions with compositions.

And on the other hand, as an artist, you are free to play and develop what comes out of me and to share that with you.