Your piano musical journey

Experience your emotional world with piano music


Do you love music and also to reflect on yourself and your life and to dive deep into your emotions?

Let yourself be embarked on a piano musical journey of discovery of your feelings. I report on my thoughts, experiences and learnings, ask you questions and give you suggestions that you can ponder and empathize with during my piano pieces, which can take you deep into your world.

If you feel like exploring yourself and going on this expedition with me, then I look forward to seeing you at my next concert.

I will announce the dates as soon as possible.

Michael Koch on the piano

What fellow travelers say:

Jana Zechmeister:

I found the event mega touching on the one hand, the music goes right to the heart. On the other hand, it was also very enlightening because I also learned so much about myself.

It was simply refreshing and at the same time very soulful, funny, human, and profound.

Leon Langhorst:

The concert was simply moving. What makes it special is the combination of Michael’s exciting stories combined with reflection, interaction with people and musical accompaniment. You can put yourself in it emotionally, get a picture of it yourself. Everyone finds an inspiration and can take something for themselves. That’s why the event was so inspiring, emotional and very thought-provoking.

Jens Schlangenotto:

I have rarely heard such good piano music combined with personal development.

Anyone who knows Michael knows that he is an absolutely emotional person who puts an insane amount of passion into music.

This concert is for those who are looking for something special and do not want to be simply sprinkled. This evening is a source of inspiration, the music and the spoken words of Michael. Michael himself as a personality is someone who is insanely fun to listen to, who has incredible depth. It was just great to have been there.

Peter Blatter:

Michael led us wonderfully in vibration, in love, in mindfulness through his themes and his piano playing, and touched us deeply, so that I was also able to have new insights for myself. He managed to immediately bring us into positivity and high vibrations.

That was just awesome how he brought us right into ourselves with “Stille” and “Vergeben”. It was beautiful.

Julia David:

Michael took us on an emotional journey, these emotions are exactly what we need to change. I found him very engaging, inspiring and authentic.

He is in his center, in his silence, but still in a vitality and moves people with a very deep passion.